Woman learns about CBT for substance abuse

Using CBT for Substance Abuse Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT for substance abuse is a form of psychotherapy that is very beneficial in helping men and women with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It helps people realize how their negative thoughts contribute to their substance abuse and form healthy coping skills to maintain their sobriety. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program is…

Men and woman participating in substance abuse therapy activities

Substance Abuse Therapy Activities for Groups

There are several substance abuse therapy activities that can benefit the recovery process. Those in treatment for addiction can participate in fun games and other activities with their peers that center around addiction recovery. These games can improve self-awareness, build confidence, and help participants gain new interests and hobbies. Substance abuse treatment involves several types…

Participants in programs for alcohol

What Types of Programs for Alcohol Abuse Are Available

Each year, 95,000 men and women die due to alcohol addiction or alcohol-related illnesses. It is the third-highest treatable cause of death in the U.S., yet many people refuse to seek treatment. There are several types of programs for alcohol addiction that can help people stop drinking and turn their lives around. An alcohol addiction…

Men in a drug addiction treatment program

Triggered to Use Drugs? Here Are 10 Things to Do Instead

Drug addiction affects nearly 21 million men and women in the U.S. today, and those numbers continue to rise each year. Many people still see drugs as a social problem and don’t understand how easily drug addiction can form, especially for people with other mental health concerns like depression or PTSD. Drug addiction treatment is…