The journey to recovery looks different for every individual. At Clearhaven Recovery, we offer a night intensive outpatient program designed to provide flexibility for those who cannot attend treatment during the day. Different levels of treatment are needed as an individual works to overcome substance abuse. Many of those in recovery begin their journey in a detox center or residential treatment program. These programs can offer a high level of support and accountability as well as on-site medical care. However, for those who have a strong network of support or who have successfully managed their substance use disorder for a period of time, an outpatient treatment program can be the right choice for ongoing care.

Whether you’re reaching out to Clearhaven Recovery for yourself or for a loved one, our team can tell you more about program specifics, insurance verification, and our admissions process. Contact us at 833.970.2054 today to learn more about our night IOP in Waltham.

Is a Night IOP Right for You?

An evening intensive outpatient treatment program gives participants flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to take care of daily responsibilities while in treatment. In an outpatient program, participants live at home while attending group and individual therapy sessions at a treatment center.

If you’re not sure whether our night intensive outpatient program is right for you, consider the following:

  • Do you work or attend classes during the day?
  • Have you already been through detox or a more intensive treatment program?
  • Do you have a strong network of support outside of our recovery center?
  • Are you looking for a less expensive treatment option than a residential program?

If you can answer yes to the above, our night IOP might be right for you. We create personalized treatment plans for all of the individuals in our programs to help address their unique needs.

What to Expect in Our Intensive Outpatient Program

In our night IOP in Waltham, participants receive a high level of support and high-quality care on a flexible schedule. Some of what you can expect in this program includes:

  • Individual therapy – One-on-one sessions with a therapist help our participants work through the underlying causes of addiction
  • Group therapy – During group sessions under the guidance of a therapist, our participants form a strong network of support
    Access to aftercare services – Our alumni network can be invaluable as a resource for ongoing support
  • Family therapy – We help those in recovery and their families reestablish trust and develop healthy communication skills
  • Medication-assisted treatment – Certain medications can ease withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings

Our goal is for our participants to develop the healthy coping skills they need for lifelong recovery. Through weekly meetings with our master level clinician, personalized treatment plans, evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, and holistic approaches to treatment like yoga and meditation, our participants learn about themselves, their triggers for relapse, and their inner motivation to maintain sobriety.

Reach Out to Clearhaven Recovery Today

Contact us to learn more about our night IOP or other treatment programs. We offer treatment for those struggling with alcohol, opioids, cocaine, and prescription drug abuse. In our Waltham treatment center, you’ll find a supportive environment. Many of our team members are in recovery themselves and understand the unique challenges you face.

In addition to our evening intensive outpatient program, Clearhaven Recovery offers:

We can also refer new clients to detox centers for those who have not yet gone through the detox process.

Reach out to the Clearhaven Recovery team at 833.970.2054 or contact us online to learn more.