Addiction can cause conflict in relationships. Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse or you’re concerned about a loved one, Clearhaven Recovery can help you navigate rebuilding trust and restoring family ties. Our family therapy program near Boston is designed to offer those in recovery and their families a safe, supportive environment where they can discuss past issues, plan for the future, and develop effective communication skills.

Family therapy is just one part of our comprehensive treatment plans. We understand that no two individuals in recovery are alike, and we tailor our treatment programs to their unique needs.

Having support on your journey to recovery is essential. Our goal is for individuals and their families to heal from the effects of addiction and have hope for a brighter future. To learn more about our family counseling program, contact Clearhaven Recovery today at 833.970.2054.

How Addiction Impacts Families

Substance abuse does not only affect the individual. It can also impact their friends, siblings, parents, partner, and children. Many of those who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse try to hide their behavior from loved ones, which can cause conflict. They might go through mood swings or personality changes as a result of addiction. Many people have watched someone they love change into a person they don’t recognize after becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Some of the issues stemming from substance abuse that can cause conflict in families include:

  • Risky behavior while under the influence
  • Financial issues
  • Problems fulfilling responsibilities at work or at home
  • Legal issues

Family members can also enable destructive behaviors without realizing it. Trying to help by lending money or not drawing healthy boundaries can actually backfire.

In our family therapy program in Waltham, we help those who are struggling with addiction and their loved ones rebuild healthy relationships.

Our Family Therapy Program

Family engagement is a cornerstone of our treatment programs at Clearhaven Recovery. Loved ones can participate in treatment both on their own and with their family member. Our therapists help the family members of those in recovery understand how addiction works, what their loved one is experiencing in recovery, and how to best support them after they’ve finished treatment.

Additionally, some therapy sessions will take place with the individual in recovery in the room. Under the guidance of a therapist, everyone will have the chance to discuss how addiction has impacted their lives. This is also a chance to talk about potential future conflicts that could arise. Then, your therapist will work with you to establish boundaries and develop communication skills that will help you work through challenges in the future.

It’s possible to break toxic patterns and make lasting positive changes. At Clearhaven Recovery, we want all of our participants to have support for their journey to recovery. Through our family counseling program near Boston, our participants rebuild healthy relationships.

Reach Out to Clearhaven Recovery Today

Our mission is to help individuals heal and restore families. Medication, therapy, and ongoing support are just some of the tools we use to make that happen. Family engagement is a foundational part of sustainable sobriety. When loved ones understand addiction and can offer compassionate support without enabling dangerous behaviors, everyone thrives. And in therapy, we’ll help family members establish boundaries and develop healthy communication skills.

In addition to our family therapy program, we offer a number of other addiction treatment therapies:

Whether you’re reaching out to Clearhaven Recovery for yourself or for a loved one, our team can help. We’ll tell you more about program specifics, verify your insurance, and begin the admissions process.