participants in a women's rehab massachusetts

Safe Women’s Rehab Available in Massachusetts

A women’s rehab center gives women a safe space to recover from their addiction with needed support and guidance. In cases where women in recovery have been through traumatic experiences in the past, traditional co-ed therapy can hinder or worsen their mental health. Women’s rehab in Massachusetts offers a supportive, women’s-only environment so participants can…

women in an alcohol rehab massachusetts

Qualities of a Successful Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts

Alcohol addiction is at an all-time high in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant increase in alcohol consumption in 2020, and consumption rates are still high today. An alcohol rehab center can help young men and women struggling with alcohol addiction through behavioral therapies and medication-assisted treatment. What makes a quality alcohol rehab…

benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy

3 Benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Addiction is a mental health concern that affects roughly 20 million individuals in the United States. To help battle this epidemic, therapists use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. Some of the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy include assisting participants in understanding their addiction and the behaviors associated with…

people gather in a boston alcohol rehab center

What to Expect in a Boston Alcohol Rehab

You can begin your alcohol addiction recovery through counseling and therapy. In a Boston alcohol rehab center, you’ll begin to understand what triggers your addiction and how to develop healthy coping strategies. Factors like stress, isolation, family, and even pressure at work can tempt you to abuse alcohol. Luckily, you’ll find counseling and evidence-based therapies…

a person looks forward to setting addiction recovery goals

Setting Realistic Addiction Recovery Goals in 2022

Are you ready to create realistic addiction recovery goals? Thinking about New Year’s recovery goals may be important for men and women in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. It can be helpful to focus on what your life will be like when you are creating a sober living lifestyle. At Clearhaven Recovery, we offer the…