people gather in a boston alcohol rehab center

What to Expect in a Boston Alcohol Rehab

You can begin your alcohol addiction recovery through counseling and therapy. In a Boston alcohol rehab center, you’ll begin to understand what triggers your addiction and how to develop healthy coping strategies. Factors like stress, isolation, family, and even pressure at work can tempt you to abuse alcohol. Luckily, you’ll find counseling and evidence-based therapies…

a person looks forward to setting addiction recovery goals

Setting Realistic Addiction Recovery Goals in 2022

Are you ready to create realistic addiction recovery goals? Thinking about New Year’s recovery goals may be important for men and women in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. It can be helpful to focus on what your life will be like when you are creating a sober living lifestyle. At Clearhaven Recovery, we offer the…

People having a group therapy session

Ways to Have a Productive Group Therapy Session

Group therapy can be an incredibly effective tool to help individuals successfully combat their substance abuse disorders. The sense of community that can form within a cohort allows many members to feel more engaged in the healing process, allowing them to learn from others’ experiences within a safe, secure space. At Clearhaven Recovery, our program…

Man considers the physical effects of heroin addiction

The Physical Effects of Heroin Addiction

The physical effects of heroin addiction can be devastating to the body, creating such a strong dependence that it is unsafe to discontinue use without proper medical support. Fortunately, help is available to ensure individuals with substance use disorders may be successfully weaned off of opioids and opiates, allowing them to concentrate on living in…

Women finding the benefits of womens rehab

The Benefits of Seeking a Women’s Rehab in Boston

Every person battling substance abuse enters recovery with a unique set of needs. For many, gender-specific rehab programs allow participants to feel increased safety and security in the healing process, allowing them to make faster and more significant strides towards permanent recovery. Women’s rehab may hold the key for you to confront certain difficulties in…