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What Types of Treatment Are Offered At A Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

Addiction can affect men and women in vastly different ways. Where women are statistically more likely to talk about their struggles, men often internalize and hide their stress instead. Although one of the psychological signs of addiction is depression, men have a tendency to react to depressed moods with aggression, anger, or social isolation. For…

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What Are The Benefits Of Attending Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Individuals making the life-altering decision to seek treatment for their substance dependencies face several choices regarding the type of program to enter. One specific kind is known as outpatient treatment. Outpatient Program Overview This form of help offers recipients the opportunity to undergo drug rehabilitation on an outpatient basis. It differs from the more traditional…

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Can I Afford Outpatient Rehab, Or Will My Insurance Cover It?

Acknowledging the need for professional help when faced with addiction is commendable. It’s good that you are ready to take steps towards getting clean. Outpatient rehab is an excellent solution for many people seeking treatment, and it is common to have questions about the cost of outpatient treatment. Having an insurance policy cover the cost…

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Using CBT for Substance Abuse Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT for substance abuse is a form of psychotherapy that is very beneficial in helping men and women with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. It helps people realize how their negative thoughts contribute to their substance abuse and form healthy coping skills to maintain their sobriety. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program is…

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Substance Abuse Therapy Activities for Groups

There are several substance abuse therapy activities that can benefit the recovery process. Those in treatment for addiction can participate in fun games and other activities with their peers that center around addiction recovery. These games can improve self-awareness, build confidence, and help participants gain new interests and hobbies. Substance abuse treatment involves several types…