Women finding the benefits of womens rehab

The Benefits of Seeking a Women’s Rehab in Boston

Every person battling substance abuse enters recovery with a unique set of needs. For many, gender-specific rehab programs allow participants to feel increased safety and security in the healing process, allowing them to make faster and more significant strides towards permanent recovery. Women’s rehab may hold the key for you to confront certain difficulties in…

two people discuss the benefits of php

Benefits of a PHP for a Busy Schedule

Residential addiction treatment is not always possible or necessary to recover from substance use disorder (SUD). Just as each person’s addiction is different, their recovery experience will also differ. A partial hospitalization program or PHP addiction treatment may be the best fit for those who require a higher level of support but cannot commit to…

people in a boston mens rehab program

Finding a Men’s Rehab Program in Boston

When you are ready to get treatment for a substance use disorder, you want to pick the best treatment program for your needs. A men’s rehab program may provide the optimal recovery experience for many men since gender-specific treatment offers benefits not afforded in a mixed-gender program. If you are ready for lifelong recovery, find…

a woman asks about cognitive behavioral therapy

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

If you are considering seeking treatment for addiction or co-occurring disorders, one of the treatments you may experience is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This behavioral therapy for addiction can help you to fight through old habits so that you can better cope with healthful changes. The experienced professionals at Clearhaven Recovery offer cognitive-behavioral therapy in our Massachusetts…